I design policy frameworks and training content that center  racial equity grounded in the experiences of marginalized people to craft accountable paths forward.


My work is personal.

I have seen the impact situatedness has on the outcomes of people; my own experience navigating a career in the nonprofit sector is a testament to that. From AmeriCorps service to policy work, my career has shown me the avenues to change are many. As an entry level employee, I saw the disparate impact of policy on people in the workplace and how small decisions led to large consequences that often directly impacted the lives of marginalized people. As a manager, I saw the mountains people in positions of power could move to create inclusive spaces when equitably minded in their approach. As a mother, I know equitable change is the only way my (all) children will inherit a world that cultivates joy and ensures safety for all; a prospect that makes my work an imperative.

Below are a few of my primary area's of expertise.

Content Design  Copywriting Facilitation 

Policy Development  Crisis Response Advising  

Accountability Coaching Organizational Design 

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I develop processes and trainings with individuals and institutions looking for equity oriented outcomes.

I believe self work is equally as important as policy change; institutions do not exist without the influence of people. As Ursula LeGuin once said, "perhaps the problem is this: when threatened, we pull out our weapon, anger. Then the threat passes or evaporates. But the weapon is still in our hand. And weapons are seductive, even addictive." What creates discomfort in us, whether real or not, impacts how we engage with others around us and develop policy as a result; for people in positions of power the root of that discomfort is often racism and xenophobia

Since racial bias is learned, I believe that with earnest commitment and work, we can shift the path forward through unlearning and policy change.

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